The (Open) Diary of a Girl Just Trying to Blend


When I was younger, I asked Santa for (and I quote), “newspaper paper” so I could write my own stories and publish them. When I got to be a bit older, obtained a Facebook, Myspace, etc., while everyone was posting quotes and song lyrics by some famous person, I enjoyed writing my own. Before I started this journey my family challenged me by gifting me with enough creative writing materials to stun a communications major.
I am currently an Au Pair in Bilbao, Spain, which gives me plenty of inspiration to write. Write about dreams, fears, wants, differences, similarities, and so much more. At times this blog may seem rather serious, however living in other country is like re-creating yourself, so bear with me as I sort through important life realizations.

So here is my personal, open diary of how a girl from The Outer Banks of North Carolina tries to “blend” in a foreign country.

I write to further self-discovery – A girl trying to blend

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